Icelandic Artist Gunnar The Fifth Unveils Stirring Alt-Pop Jam ‘Fell Off A Ledge’

Originally from a small fishing village in the far north of Iceland, Gunnar The Fifth aka Gunnar Valdimarsson is one third of an alt-pop act and world-renown tattoo artist, now based in Oslo, Norway. The new single, ‘Fell Off A Ledge’, along with its accompanying music video, comes from their forthcoming debut EP, which is set for release in April.

The single follows on from their recent track, ‘Beauty In The Downfall’. It is a stirring, emotive piece of compelling lo-fi pop delivered with a rare tenderness and warmth that sets Gunnar apart from the rest.

Gunnar has always had a seemingly inexplicable love for music, which took him to Orlando, Florida, where he studied Audio Engineering. It was while he was there that he found an additional creative outlet in tattooing, which has seen him climb to the forefront of Realistic / Wildlife and Nature tattooing globally, and takes him all over the world, working at festivals. With the death of his mother however he discovered he needed to express his voice more fully, and learned to sing and play piano. Gathering the support of two friends, Olafur Kiljan and Thomas Barnard, they formed a band under the name Gunnar The Fifth. The origin of the name comes from a misunderstanding that Gunnar is the fifth in his family, as last name begins with a V.

Combining MOOG Rogue synthesizers, piano and guitars, the trio were launched straight into the deep end with the first performance ever at a music festival in Holland. The band has since played all over the world, drawing accolades close to home and abroad. The trio are now poised to release their debut EP in April 2020 and have planned a clutch of new shows across Europe.

Speaking of ‘Fell Off A Ledge’, Gunnar says,

“The song is about the struggle to stay on the right track. A struggle that most people face at some point in life. The making of this song was especially fun for us as we worked on blending piano with deep synths even more than previously. Olafur has his first synth lead in the song as well. We love playing this one live.”

Gunnar The Fifth is currently on tour with fellow Icelander, Ásgeir.

GUNNAR THE FIFTH - FELL OFF A LEDGE // also on spotify

You can find Gunnar The Fifth online on Instagram, Spotify, and their official website.

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