X Factor alum Harry Styles has released the official music video for his latest single, ‘Falling’.

In the song, Harry addresses the end of a relationship and the feelings of regret. The accompanying video captures the song’s message and lyrics perfectly, and opens with Harry leaning against a wall, while water starts pouring out of the piano. The scene then moves to Harry playing piano, with water flooding the room.

Harry finds himself drowning under the weight of his emotions – portrayed literally by him shown playing piano under water, by which means he is  able to release them.

Harry Styles performed ‘Falling’ at this year’s BRIT Awards, and, understandably, it was one of the most emotional pieces of the night.

The music video for ‘Falling’ was directed by David Meyers, who also directed the clip for Harry Styles’ previous release, ‘Adore You’. The video is captivating, and highlights the emotion of the song so well, with the chosen imagery the perfect match for the lyrics, which were already very relatable.

Harry’s choice of clothes for the ‘Falling’ video gave a visual image to the heaviness of his emotions: when you swim with clothes you are heavier and pressure of drowning. Additionally, it was an accurate representation of the feelings of anxiety/depression.

You can watch the ‘Falling’ video here:



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