Rachael Sage Celebrates Resilience In the Face Of Adversity In Ani DiFranco Cover ‘Both Hands’

Rachael Sage is back with a string quartet version of her old friend, Ani DiFranco’s song ‘Both Hands’ – coming full circle and celebrating her own resilience in the face of adversity in one fell swoop.

Coming full circle in the auspicious way that only Rachael Sage can, her latest release is a cover of ‘Both Hands’ by Ani DiFranco, the artist who first took Sage on her first-ever tour as a support, when she was just starting out.

Sage’s reworking comes in the form of a live studio performance, complete with a string quartet and Rachael’s characteristically beautiful yet heartfelt vocals. Her voice has always been brimming with emotion in every one of her fifteen previous album releases, and this time is no different. Rachael has always harboured admiration and respect for her fellow indie label owner, but this imaginative cover version becomes all the more poignant when considering the song’s context, and Rachael’s emotional investment in this track becomes all the more meaningful.

Already heralded as “musically unexpected”, Sage’s arrangement takes the staccato guitar of DiFranco’s original and transposes it into a beautiful string quartet, putting her unique stamp on this quietly outspoken cover version.

Make sure you check out Rachael Sage’s rendition of Ani DiFranco’s ‘Both Hands’ below.

"Both Hands" Live at Carriage House Studios

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