NIGHT FLIGHT Share Ambitious New Indie-Rock Single ‘ATM’

London based band Night Flight are gearing up to release their new ‘White Noise’ EP (out March 27th via CRC Records). They’ve shared the latest taste of the new EP, in their new single ‘ATM’. Leaning a little closer towards the band’s indie rock influences, the track is a cynical examination of the sacrifices made whilst seeking acclaim and success.

Backed by a spritely, acoustic guitar led instrumental, ‘ATM’ arrives towards the end of the ‘White Noise’ EP and partners thematically with unreleased EP track, ‘Delusions’.

Speaking a little more on the release, songwriter and frontman Sam Holmes said:

“Written as one song, ‘ATM/Delusions’ acts as a call and answer. ‘ATM’ acts as a sardonic observation on the debt, dreams and defiance experienced when taking the road less travelled. In response, ‘Delusions’ is a musing on the fluctuating ambition and realisation that success and individuality can be far easier to imagine/daydream than execute.”

He went on to say:

“Whilst, ‘ATM/Delusions’ have been separated for the purpose of spotlight and focus, they should be considered whole and a homage to the great amalgamation of songs at the end of Abbey Road by The Beatles.”

Night Flight - ATM / Delusions (Audio Card)

‘ATM’ is lifted from Night Flight’s upcoming ‘White Noise’ EP, due for release March 27th 2020 via CRC Records. The follow-up to their widely praised self-titled debut released in 2018, the songs on ‘White Noise’ individually explore the nuances in specific pockets of life; disillusionment, isolation and self-reflection in the midst of personal recovery.

Night Flight (aka Sam Holmes, Dan Webb, Harry Phillips and Oliver Halvorsen) are a band whose strength and appeal lies in their ability to construct affecting, relatable songs – pairing meditative, honest lyrics with high-reaching folk-rock instrumentals.

Written predominantly in Sam Holmes’ hometown of Rye on the British south-coast, the songs on ‘White Noise’ were penned during a period of transition both for the band and for Sam personally. There’s a backdrop of heartbreak, the panic of anxiety and subsequent feeling of catharsis.

Speaking on the upcoming EP, Sam said:

“There are moments on it that feel darker than anything we’ve done before. The production is still considerate of the songs, but there’s more imagination. Hopefully the music conveys the range of emotions felt in moments of high change; loss, nostalgia, self-doubt and positivity.”

Night Flight is a project firmly rooted in song-writing. Having impressed on early EP releases ‘Wanderlust’ (2017) and ‘Carousel’ (2018), along with self-titled debut album ‘Night Flight’ (2018) – the band’s earnest lyrics and huge hooks echo icons of the past. Always delivering their creations with sincerity and passion – the upcoming ‘White Noise’ EP showcases a band in total command of their craft whilst also pushing the scope of what is expected, both sonically and in composition.

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