Amy had the chance to talk to Belfast-based singer/songwriter May Rosa about her new single, ‘Before I Knew (Summer)’.

Hi May, Thank you for talking to essentially pop today, how are you? 

Hi Essentially Pop! Thank you for having me 🙂 I’m very well thank you; very busy but that’s great. 

For those who don’t know you, tell me one thing about you? 

I am an alt pop artist who loves the 80’s, synths and David Lynch. Okay.. I guess that’s four things. 

When did you first start creating music? 

I wrote my first song at 12. I can still remember it… it was called ‘It’s Getting Colder’. It was very angsty and dramatic…I was listening to Evanescence at the time, so you can imagine how extra it was! 

What was the inspiration behind your new song ‘before i knew (summer’) 

I wanted to write about the simplicity of childhood, growing up in suburban Belfast and the fond memories I have from that time; when in reality was one of fantasy… before I experienced sadness and heartbreak. It’s the first song from a series of work dealing with the mystery of memory; especially inherited memory which I’m fascinated by. I wanted it to be evocative and nostalgic. 

How long did it take you to write the song? 

Not long at all – a demo was done within a week or so. I wrote it as a poem first and the melody came very quickly, as did the arrangement and production. 

What were you most excited about releasing a single? 

I’m always excited about releasing music. Listeners can get to know me better as an artist and my story and aesthetic. I guess I get most excited most when people connect and relate to it. 

What are the goals you want to achieve in terms of releasing the single? 

It’s a prelude to the upcoming releases – to introduce listeners to what’s to come and for them to get excited by the concept. With every release, I always aim to reach more potential fans and other creatives to collaborate with. 

What are some of your favourite lyrics from this single? 

‘Bleary eyed, Cycling past the end of the street Where dreams on yellow post-it notes Float in the breeze’ 


‘Screeching to a halt By the dull derelict house 

Where pigeons coo and cry Home to hundreds of them now. Crane my neck to see up high Past the pylon and telephone wires That ruin the blue sky. Dusty sunlight gets in my eyes As zoo animals in the clouds Are waving goodbye. I felt a sudden sense of sadness. I didn’t know why.’ 

What do you describe your style as? 

I suppose it’s alternative/art Pop. Dreamy, cinematic and stylised. 

Does the new single mean any ep’s on the horizon?. 

I don’t have any EP releases planned, but I do have 3 other singles coming out before the summer! 

Proudest moment in 2019? 

Releasing my Waxwork Sweetheart EP, forming my band and performing my first gig as May Rosa. 

Plans for 2020? 

I’m releasing a video for ‘Before I Knew (Summer)’… I guess it’ll be out when this interview goes live! I’m super excited about that! I’m releasing the next singles, playing live shows and hopefully festivals. I will also be releasing a single called ‘Ceasefire Baby’ to raise awareness of the suicide epidemic that we have in Belfast. All money raised will go to a suicide prevention charity here. 

Listen to ‘Before I Knew (Summer)’: 

Find May Rosa online on Instagram, and Facebook.

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