Gabby B – ‘Loot’

19 year old Gabby B is described as the “Brazilian Barbie”, and it’s not just because she’s an avid collector of the dolls – she owns hundreds of them, all in mint condition – or because she’s a fan of the Barbie pink shade. She’s every bit as ambitious as the doll’s creators would have her: she speaks 3 languages; Portuguese, French, and English, and has travelled the world, starting with her native Brazil, and living in France for a while, before finally settling in the US. Gabby’s talented as well, and just like the B in her name, which stands for “Bueno”, she is good – very good indeed.

Gabby B’s latest single, ‘Loot’, also features guest vocals by Atlanta rapper Londynn B, who was previously a finalist on Netflix’s ‘Rhythm and Flow’. The collaboration between the two rising stars seems therefore perfect.

The video for ‘Loot’ sees Gabby in the role of a minimum wage worker, mistreated by customers, and abused by her manager. As if by magic however, the roles are reversed, and suddenly Gabby is able to strut her stuff, surrounded by fame, fortune, and success. Gabby declares all the things she sings about, such as top class labels, never ending money and so on – and they become real life. She is showered with cash, she gets rides in private jets, and flash cars, and she’s bedecked with precious jewels.

By the end of the video, we see Gabby on the other side of the counter. The customer who had previously yelled at her is now her employee, apologetic, and subservient. Gabby however, rather than yelling at her for not having a dress ready, instead shows the worker kindness.

The moral to the story? We can get to the top – but when we’re there, we must never forget where we’ve come from, and respect those who are on the way up.

Watch the video for ‘Loot’ below. You can find Gabby B. on her official website.

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