tAngerinecAt – ‘Roses From Blood’

Listening to ‘Roses From Blood’, by tAngerinecAt you’d be forgiven for not knowing what instrument is creating the eerie sound that falls somewhere between that of a viola and accordion, with a bit of a synth vibe. That instrument is in fact the hurdy-gurdy, and Ukrainian-born Eugene Purpurovsky of tAngerinecAt is a dab hand at making music with it.

Now based in the UK, tAngerinecAt first formed in Ukraine, and comprise Purpurovsky and musician and sound-designer, Paul Chilton. Contributing samples, ambient noises, and processed beats, using traditional instruments such as whistles and bagpipes, alongside the afore-mentioned hurdy-gurdy and syths, their sound evokes raw punk while at the same time paying homage to folk tradition.

‘Roses From Blood’ is taken from tAngerinecAt’s fourth album, ‘Many Kettles’, and tells the story of Eugene’s own experience and struggle to overcome childhood abuse and trauma. It also touches on poverty, gender inequality, dehumanisation, and the challenges which face those who have migrated from a poor, post-colonial society. The music video for the track sees Eugene identifying as a pale faced witch and pirage, wearing a blood red rose as a buttonhole. Directed by Eugene, we see the singer’s inner world projected on the screen, portrayed as a reflection which comes out of the mirror, and is sometimes laying down, covered in roses. The music intensifies, while the camera flashes back and forth between scenes, signifying fear, distress, self-harm, and rage. We also see Purpurovsky in concert, turning the handle on his hurdy-gurdy, while at the same time jumping around like a musician possessed. Chilton also features, controlling his machines with a fierce determination on his face.

Watch the video for ‘Roses For Blood’:

tAngerinecAt - Roses from Blood (Official Music Video)

You can find tAngerinecAt online on their official website.

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