Habitz – ‘Cadillac Dippin’

Dynamic rap duo HABITZ are about to set the world on fire, so get in now while you still can.

KNITWIT and Trazel have always been good friends and made a connection in 2015 when Trazel was the first recording artist signed to KNITWIT’s label, ThugFace Records. It seemed only natural that the pair should decide to record together, and so HABITZ was born.


“We’ve always been good friends and our talents and sound mesh together like butter whenever we collaborate. So it was easy for us to come together and form the group HABITZ.”

Their aim is to bring back the timeless sound of 90s RnB and hip hop, and take it to the wider community. Their sound is a sultry blend of Trazel’s smooth vocals, alongside KNITWIT’s rapid fire confrontational sound, and the result is extraordinary.

HABITZ’s debut single is ‘Cadillac Dippin’, and instantly you’re transported back to the good old days of 90s hip hop; close your eyes and you’re there. Open them though and watch  the video for the track, which was directed by Gary Ruff, and opens with KNITWIT and Trazel rolling up in a Caddy, before popping champagne bottles. They’ve got everything they want, they’re doing shows all over, they’re making money, they’re living the dream – but the real treat is the lady that waits for them back at home.

As KNITWIT explains,

“It is totally about taking a ride with that special lady, enjoying each others’ company in style and being that 2020 Bonny & Clyde. Rollin with the diamond in the back, sunroof top diggin in the scene with my gangsta lean.”

Find out more about HABITZ online on their Twitter account.

Cadillac Dippin feat: Knitwit & Trazel   (Full Video)

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