Toronto Five-Piece Nutrients Release ‘Always In Bloom’ From Self-Titled Debut Album

‘Always In Bloom’ serves as the simplest and most stripped-back track from Nutrients to date, yet manages to avoid slipping from easy-going to downright boring, partially due to the thought-provoking lyrics and hypnotic, jangling guitar lines, but mainly down to it’s bitesize length.

The track details experiences of embracing people’s flaws when building and maintaining relationships, and realising that although not every relationship you develop will stand the test of time, the importance of even the smallest link to a person should not be diminished. Phew. Quite a lot to cover in less than two minutes then.

Light, breezy and perfect for an afternoon spent procrastinating on the sofa, ‘Always In Bloom’ is built on non-intrusive, simple guitar and basslines, with both vocalists complementing each other perfectly, and having been in development through demos since when the band first started out three years ago, the end result is a track works well on the second half of the Nutrients album, and could quite easily work as a Mac Demarco or Courtney Barnett B-side.

Find Nutrients online on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Stream and download ‘Always In Bloom’, as well as their other music, on BandCamp and Spotify.

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