Sam Clark is a 22 year old RnB/Pop singer/songwriter. His most recent single release was ‘Save It For Me’. Amy Bell took the opportunity to speak to Sam about his tour announcement and music. 

Hi Sam, thank you for talking to essentially pop today, how are you?

Hi Amy! Thanks for having me, I’m good, how’s you? 

For those who don’t know, tell me a bit about yourself?

I’m a  RnB/Pop singer/songwriter, from the UK. 

You have just tweeted out that rehearsals are soon with a UK flag, are we going to see some UK shows soon?

I’ve just announced a UK tour, that I’ll be playing with a live band, which is pretty cool, it’s five different shows across the country at some pretty cool venues, with some other brilliant artists. 

What makes you excited about doing shows?

I’m excited to do these shows because it’s my biggest UK tour as a solo artist. I always love seeing the supporters come out and every body have a great time. I love trying out new music and seeing the looks on the fans’ faces! 

What can we expect from your shows?

My shows are always full of excitement! I try and create a sick energy/vibe on stage and get every single person on their feet! I’ve got some new music I wanna play as well so expect that! 

Will there be more than one location for the shows?

Yes. The tour goes across 5 different dates. London, Newcastle, Glasgow, Manchester, Nuneaton. 

When can we expect to see you?


Your most recent single was ‘Save It For Me’, tell me a bit about the recording/writing process of that?

‘Save It For Me’ was inspired by a song from the 90s 🤣 I don’t know if anyone recognises the song…but the track comes from a sample of an old RNB hit. I’ll let you figure it out…haha – I just wanted a song that really hit pop/RnB for my first single and I think ‘Save It For Me’ really hits that. 

The beat behind it is amazing, how do you come up with the beat of the song?

I work with a bunch of producers, worldwide! I wake up to a bunch of emails every morning with different tracks they’ve sent me to listen to…if I like them…I’ll write to them! 

You done a remix with Ryan, what made you decide to collaborate with him?

I always work with Ryan Morrison, that’s why he’s on the remix of my track. We’ve always wrote together and always had fun making music, whether it’s for me, him or for somebody else!

You have hinted at new music coming soon, what type of music can we expect to hear?

New year, new music! I’ve returned a bit more to my Pop roots, I’ve always been a massive fan of Justin Bieber and Chris Brown so I’ve took a lot of influence from them! It’s my best sound yet, even if I say so myself! 

Is it going to be different from the previous songs you have released?

My new music is a lot more mature than previous songs. I’ve done a lot of growing up! 

When can we expect it to drop?

New year, hopefully around the tour in January. But SOON! 

Have you already written some songs or is it a work in progress at the moment?

I’ve got a lot of material! I just don’t know what I’m going to release as a single or keep for an EP or even an ALBUM! Haha. New music is coming though. Don’t worry about that! 

How hyped are your fans about the prospect of you releasing new music?

I think everyone that supports me is ready to hear my new music! So yeah I think they’re hyped! 

One dream place you would love to perform in?

I’d love to to perform at somewhere massive like Wembley stadium…has to be a dream.

Any plans for 2020?

Plans for 2020…do some shows across in Europe to meet new fans! And bring out my first album! 

What are you most proud of in 2019?

I’m proud every day to get up and do what I love but I can honestly say I’m proud of every show and every new supporter I’ve gained this year! 

Thank you for having me!

Check Sam out on Twitter, Instagram, and Spotify.

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