Five piece boyband Roadtrip are made up of Andy Fowler, Rye Beaumont, Sonny Robertson, Brooklyn Wyatt and Jack Duff. The British/Irish band, who have been together since 2016, have opened a new online merchandise store, which includes new merch. This means that their many international fans will now also have access to the same merch as fans in the UK and Ireland.

Roadtrip took to their social media on November 20, saying,

Below is the merch that the boys are releasing, the site is now up and running here:

price guide is as follows:

Jumpers (s-xl): £50

T’shirts: (s-xl) £25

Band poster: £10

As Roadtrip’s store are unable to guarantee shipping before Christmas, you can preorder your merch on the 24th January 2020!

The merch has gone down well with fans, as previously it had only been available in the UK and Ireland.

Are you going to be buying any merch? leave a comment below of what merch you are hoping to get!

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