D:Ream returns with ‘Meet Me At Midnight’

Don’t tell anyone, but it’s been almost 30 years since ‘Things Can Only Get Better’ belted it to the top of the charts, and catapulted D:Ream into the hearts and minds of dance/house/general music lovers everywhere. Tony Blair also took a shine to it, we seem to remember. 

And it’s been a good decade since Pete Cunnah and Al Mackenzie gave us any new material, which is quite a while in anyone’s book but time makes the hearts and ears grow fonder and, let’s just say, we’re gagging. And D:Ream’s new single, ‘Meet Me At Midnight’, hits the spot we’ve been saving on all the dance floors we’ll be able to manage once the powers that be allow us past the velvet rope. It’s retro-fitted house joy, stripped back to its dance bare essentials and all the more moving for it, and Pete’s vocals have taken on a rather delicious maturity. Can you tell we like? 

And this is all before the album, ‘Open Hearts, Open Minds’, drops, which will be July. We applaud D:Ream’s return, one that we just know will soundtrack a summer of new energy, fresh dance vibes and no-holds-barred recklessness because, heaven knows, we deserve it. 

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