Carly Butler is an up and coming artist from Los Angeles. She has recently released her single ‘Last Song I’ll Ever Write About You.’

Taking to her Instagram stories Butler said, “I started writing this song in 2017 and didn’t finish it until this summer, it’s real and it’s raw.” She’s not wrong.

When you first listen to this song, the acoustics come into play first, and you can get a feel of what this is going to be like. Carly’s soft voice is so soulful and delicate, that you can’t help but just to relax while listening.

With relatable lyrics, the message behind the song is about first loves and how hard they can be. It takes you through the different stages of the relationship, to hello up until goodbye. The acoustics of this song are beautiful, with Carly’s voice blending into well into the instrumental, giving it a soulful, country feel. I love how she is able to get the message across of the song in her vocals, and you can actually imagine the times in your life that you have related to the theme of this song, it is so powerful. The video takes an artistic approach using different effects and locations. There is a simplicity in the video, which doesn’t take it away from the vocals or the meaning behind the song. The video totally goes with the track’s vibe.

The line, ‘but I hold on to you, cause I just don’t know how to let you go.’ is quite relatable, about having to move on, but not wanting to, so you hold on the love and memories that you shared.

A further powerful lyric, “tell me, how you let your first love go”, speaks of how nothing can beat your first love; your first love will always be the first.

We loved ‘Last Song I’ll Ever Write About You’, by Carly Butler, and can’t wait to see where she goes from here and what else she releases. Carly is certainly one to look out for as an acoustic singer/songwriter.

Watch the video here:

last song I'll ever write about you - carly butler

Find Carly Butler online on her official website, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Listen to more of her music on Spotify and SoundCloud.

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