Luh Kel – ‘Cold Heart’

With his first single, ‘Wrong’ garnering 58 million views on YouTube, 67 million Spotify streams and over 3 million  monthly listeners, Luh Kel, to put it mildly, isn’t doing too badly for someone who’s still only 17. He’s also opened over the summer for Polo G, and has millions of followers across Instagram, Tik Tok, and other social media. Based on all this, it’s sure his new single, ‘Cold Heart’, should perform as well, if not better.

Like ‘Wrong’, Luh Kel turns heartache into an outlet and inspiration for latest track, ‘Cold Heart’. While ‘Wrong’ examined leaving a bad situation, ‘Cold Heart’ takes a look at what it’s like 2-3 months down the road; that person is still calling around, and is capable of tugging at the heartstrings. Sometimes, the only way out is to turn your heart cold – and not look back. Luh Kel’s keen fans will recognise that the song has been previously used as an earlier melody on another single, ‘Pull Up’.

The music video for ‘Cold Heart’ opens with Luh Kel watching a news report of his own death. He was the victim of a car accident involving a vintage red Corvette.  Confronting his mortality from beyond the grave, Luh Kel is trapped inside an abandoned Victorian era mansion, with sheets covering the furniture, windows draped over, and a thick layer of dust covering everything.

Luh Kel, in his solitude, finds himself alongside the girl the girl he’d been in love with – and can’t quit even after death. Of course, she’s been the driver of the Corvette. Watch the video here:

Luh Kel - Cold Heart (Official Music Video)

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