Live Review: Jonatha Brooke, The Islington, London, 28/09/19

Merging expressive folk, melodic pop and edgy rock, singer, songwriter and musician Jonatha Brooke took to London’s prestigious The Islington for a headlining gig that showcased a selection of songs that spanned the course of Brooke’s two decade long back catalogue.

Signifying the start of her set with opener ‘Back In The Circus’, the title track taken from Brooke’s fourth studio album instantly filled the intimate room with some sweet folk-rock sounds. With a unique personality and magnetic vocals to match, Jonatha, even in the opening sequence of her gig already captured the attention of the small capacity audience, commanding the room like the true professional she is.

The middle of Brooke’s set sees the singer performing some material from her recently released EP ‘Imposter’. The tracks are full of raw honesty and lyrical relatability, as songs such as the passionate ‘‘Imposter’ and fiercely empowering ‘Fire’ put on a dazzling display of mesmeric vocals and ambient acoustic guitars.

Ending on climatic closer ‘In the Gloaming’ from Jonatha’s live album, dating back to its 1999 release date round of Brooke’s unique show. A traditional American folk song, this live version of ‘In The Gloaming’ is given the alluring acapella approach, with scenic lyrics and soft singing seeing out Jonatha Brooke’s set at The Islington in sophisticated style.

Check out Jonatha Brooke’s recent release ‘Imposter’ below.

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