…And The Black Feathers Take A ‘Scandalous’ Look At Social Media And Online Life With EP ‘Sociallusions’

What’s on your Instagram? Are there photos of what you’re really like, or are you filtered beyond all imagination? Who do you follow? What about Twitter? Are you keeping up with the Kardashians?

Denver band …And The Black Feathers are set to become your next favourite rock band with an ellipsis in their name. They have had enough of social media and the false sense of an alternative reality it’s created. Their single, ‘Scandalous’, from their new EP, ‘Sociallusions’, is hard hitting and heavy and full on rock, in the vein of The 1975, The Strokes, Cage The Elephant, and The Ramones.

This is a rock band with a mission, and their EP ‘Sociallusions’ is out on November 1. ‘Scandalous’ comes out all snarling and jangly guitars, storming fast and furious – angry even – at what society has become. The song takes a punch or two at those people who are two sided and fake, who mislead with what they say and do; there’s no truth to it at all. It’s worse than that – they also profit from their lies; it’s advertising gone rogue.

But whose fault is it? If we didn’t crave the gossip, the scandal; if we didn’t essentially, want to be lied to: then would these people have a platform? It’s a slippery slope – we love to obsess over the lives of, not so much just the rich and famous anymore, but the ones who promote the perfect lifestyle, the whitest teeth, the deepest tan, the plushest lips. We see it, and crave it, and at its worst extreme, we emulate them and try to become them.

…And The Black Feathers bring with them a lot of promise, and we can’t wait to hear more from their album, ‘Sociallusions’. You can find them online on Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, and their Official Website. ‘Sociallusions’ is out on Friday, November 1, and it’s self-released.

Listen to ‘Scandalous’:

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