Marta Releases Her Brand-New Music Video for Her Latest Single “Holy Grail”

International sensation Marta, releases her new music video to coincide with her most recent single ‘Holy Grail’.

‘Holy Grail’ has a gentle and refreshing sound, perfect for those long car journeys. Marta’s voice blends perfectly with her emotional and vulnerable lyrics. The song shows an innocent side to the singer and her music video elegantly portrays the track perfectly.

Marta’s previous single, ‘All About Us’ has reached an astonishing 2.5 million views on YouTube. The track also made it to number 1 in the Germany Country chart and number 4 in Norway’s charts.

The fashion obsessed singer shows off her unique look within the music video. With her quirky costumes and a meaningful story, the video is sure worth watching! The tale follows a Queen’s journey. To show a confident young woman and her acceptance of self-worth and belonging. This is shown through scenes of pride and unity that is flawlessly led by the pop singer herself.

Talking about her most recent single, Marta explains:

“Holy Grail is a song that’s very close to my heart. In life, I feel like we’re always looking, always searching for something, be it somewhere to belong, who we are. But what it really comes down to is loving and accepting ourselves in all our uniqueness. And that’s how you find your Holy Grail.”

Watch the video ‘Holy Grail’ below, and be sure to follow Marta on Facebook and Instagram for more updates.


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