Klara McDonnell is Set to Release Her Brand-New Single “Wasted”

Blessing us with her stunning lyrics and outstanding vocals, Irish singer Klara McDonnell is set to release her new single ‘Wasted’ on the 26th July.

In her extremely well written songs, McDonnell aims to create good old-fashioned music that takes listeners away from the harsh realities of the world, if only for a few minutes. As with her previous single ‘Sinking Unknowing‘ her upcoming track ‘Wasted’ was in collaboration with Beardfire Music Production Studio. ‘Sinking Unknowing’ saw a wide variety of radio airplay across the world including; Germany, Holland, South Africa, the UK, the US and of course the singer’s homeland, Ireland.

With ‘Wasted’ set to receive similar attention – and rightfully so – McDonnell feels that her music is not made for radio. Her musical style – with its story telling vibe and American style production – is best suited for live performance and stage in front of an audience.

The singers’ powerful vocals in ‘Wasted’ are sure to put you on a roller-coaster of emotions from feeling fragile one minute, to angry the next. The sound and lyrics are very much inspired by the likes of Joni Mitchell and Bob Dylan. McDonnell explains that:

“Although ‘Wasted’ deals with the depths of addictions and is melancholy, I feel overall there is a hopeful tone to the song which I hope will resonate.”

‘Wasted’ will be out on the 26th July. In the meantime, check out her Spotify to stream her other songs that she has released and be sure to follow her social media accounts for more updates: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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