Klara McDonnell – ‘Sinking Unknowing’

Klara McDonnell is a singer songwriter and actress from Dublin, Ireland. She’s also presented an online traditional Irish music show, ‘LiveIreland’, for seven years, as well as presenting on Kildare TV, Busker TV, The Sound Feed, and Dubz TV. Additionally, Klara has worked on commercials, and read poetry in a documentary on RTe, ‘A Rebel Act’.

Klara’s live performances show off her love of vintage fashion, and she released her debut solo EP, ‘Trapped Within’, in November 2017. Her new single, ‘Sinking Unknowing’, is set for release on February 1, and has a strong sixties vibe, and a bit of a country feel. Klara’s vocals are strong and empowering as she accompanies the primarily guitar and bass instrumental. At just under 3 and a half minutes long, ‘Sinking Unknowing’ is tinged with sadness, but it nonetheless feels as though there is a positive ending to the song.

You can find out more about Klara McDonnell online on her official website, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. ‘Sinking Unknowing’ is out on February 1. Stream Klara’s music on SoundCloud and Spotify.

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