Hunter Reece Releases Upbeat New Single ‘Don’t Change’

Singer-songwriter Hunter Reece has very recently released his new single ‘Don’t Change’, which is now available to stream through Spotify.

The LA artist shows comparisons to the likes of Troye Sivan, Lauv and Shawn Mendes with his fun and bouncy summer track. ‘Don’t Change’ shows his love to his partner by telling her that she is perfect and he doesn’t want her to change for anyone.

Now we’re well in to the festival season, ‘Don’t Change’ is the perfect bop to get you in to the mood. This single – as well as Hunter’s other music – suits the festival vibes and is impossible not to dance along to.

Hunter considers himself a pop artist with R&B and rock influences. Before he moved to the showbiz world of LA, he performed at shows within the Denver area. After years of performing, he was able to perfectly craft a live experience that combines the R&B classic style with a modern twist.

‘Don’t Change’ is out now and it’s a song that you do not want to miss. For more updates on Hunter’s music, visit his website and be sure to follow him on Instagram and Facebook.

"Don't Change" - Hunter Reece (Lyric Video)

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