Fire Follows – ‘Loaded Gun’

Chris Watt, who records under the pseudonym of Fire Follows, has certainly had a lot of trauma in his life. In 2008, while singing with his previous group, Author, he noticed problems with his voice, and subsequent doctor and specialist appointments confirmed it was a paralysed vocal cord.

Recovery meant a five year period without speaking or singing; during which time he turned his talents to developing his musicianship in piano, drums, and guitar, while also teaching himself audio engineering and production.

While concentrating on his art, Watt had three vocal cord procedures which have allowed him to regain the ability to sing.

Chris writes, performs, and produces all elements of his music and, four years post-surgery, he has fully recovered, and released his debut EP, ‘If It’s War You Want’. He recently signed to Pavement Records.

Chris incorporates electronic sound effects at the start of his latest single, ‘Loaded Gun’, with the track building up to an all-out explosion. In the video, pretty lights from the buildings in the background and setting sun are in stark contrast to the ndustrial railroad tracks and galvanized chain link fences. The phrase, ‘Loaded Gun’, is used as a metaphor to describe the strength Watt releases in the song; it’s autobiographical in a way, showing how hardship can delay your progress, mood, and outlook on life. It’s clear however that he has never been one to allow adversity to slow him down, and with ‘Loaded Gun’, Fire Follows shows that things can only go up.

Fire Follows - Loaded Gun (Official Music Video)

Find Fire Follows on his official website.

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