Trevor Drury’s Beguiling Debut

It’s fair to say that model come singer-songwriter Trevor Drury has had a busy start to 2019. Having released his brand-new single ‘Head On The Tracks’, and accompanying arthouse music video, Drury has since gone on to support renowned musician Ramin Karimloo at various venues around the globe.

Drury has been gaining the support and attention of fans and industry tastemakers alike with his commandingly intoxicating vocals, and the enigmatic intensity of his lyricism. His new single showcases just how powerful his vocals are with its sweeping melodies and invigorating chorus hooks. Drury is at his core, a storyteller. A musician, and artist, who is interested in delving into and exploring the intricacies of the universal human condition.

The video, with its abandoned and desolate train carriage setting makes it clear that Drury is someone who is comfortable in front of the camera. His movement throughout the video only exemplifies the eerie and uncanny nature of the single and the cinematography helps build a background of unease.

Trevor Drury has earned a spot as a real one to watch. With his musical prowess and magnetic stage presence, it seems as thought things are going to get a lot more exciting for this young artist. Check out his brand new music video below.

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