Robert O’Connor – ‘Real Good Fight’

Robert O’Connor is back, with his new single ‘Real Good Fight’, which was released worldwide on the 31stMay.

The song hits hard for those who see themselves stuck in a rut and not feeling truly happy with where they are in life. With its highly relatable yet inspirational lyrics, O’Connor describes perfectly what it feels like to not feel satisfied with the path that you’re on and changing direction to something that makes you happy.

Explaining the true meaning of the single, O’Connor states:

“It’s about how you don’t ask yourself ‘am I happy’, and then you find real happiness, and you realise, I wasn’t happy at all, I was just in a rut, sleepwalking through life.”

The singer returned to the music scene in 2018 after 5 years. During this time, he worked as a journalist. He knew he was taking a big risk leaving his job to return to music but it was a risk worth taking. He has now released 3 singles since his return and has gained strong radio support from both sides of the Atlantic, all being done without help from a record label, manager, or publicist!

It takes a strong talent to be able to story tell through lyrics, yet it is something that O’Connor has been able to do beautifully. Be sure to keep updated on new music via his website and follow him on all social media accounts: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Also check out ‘Real Good Fight’ and some of O’Connor’s other songs on Spotify. Guarantee it will be the best thing you do today.

Robert O'Connor - Real Good Fight (Official Video)

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