Rob Georg Says It’s ‘Time For Some Ink’ With Snarling Southern Rock Track

Rob Georg looks and sounds every bit the cowboy, from his Stetson hat right down to his singing drawl, and to his love of Cutting, a discipline of western riding, which is ridden on horses working cattle. His song, ‘Time For Some Ink’, was produced by Kristin K. Smith, in Nashville, and is a southern rock track as can possibly be.

So it might come as a surprise to you that Rob is not from Nashville; he’s not from Texas, nor anywhere else in the south – he’s nor even from the US at all. Rob Georg is from Glashofen, right in the middle of Germany, and proves that country music is a state of mind as much as anything else.

Rob’s involvement with horses has seen him influenced greatly by the cowboy lifestyle, and from this naturally flowed the influence of country music, and Rob owes a lot of his passion for singing to this genre. He would perform for family, and events in front of his friends, who would always tell him to do more with his music. Eventually he could stand it no more, and took to Nashville to fulfil a wish on his “bucketlist” of recording two of his self-written songs while there. His aim was to come back home to Germany with those songs burned on a CD, so he could proudly display it on a shelf; however at the studio, Kirstin K. Smith saw his potential, and advised him to publish his music. As a result, his first release, ‘Push The Horn’, was soon followed by other tracks ‘This Ain’t My First Rodeo’, ‘Carry The Wind’, ‘Dust’, ‘Ghost’, and now ‘Time For Some Ink’. He’s also seen ‘This Ain’t My First Rodeo’ chart at the top spot on the US Western Region AC Radio Charts, and this month he’s made it to the cover New Music Weekly Magazine in the US. Not bad at all for someone who just wanted a CD for his shelf!

‘Time For Some Ink’ opens with a growling guitar and a light percussion, and before long Rob is snarling out the lyrics, telling of his love for tattoos – he’s the owner of some fine pieces of body art – and the “need to catch a buzz from a tattoo pin”. Very autobiographical in nature, the track Rob outlines how he came to be inked in the first place, and that each piece tells a story of those he’s known and loved, and where he’s been. Although the needle stings and the pain is real, he’ll “be getting a new one as soon as this heals”. He admits he’s addicted, but he doesn’t care, and quite frankly, when your tatts are as beautifully and lovingly crafted as his, we don’t blame him.

‘Time For Some Ink’ was recorded, mixed, and mastered in Nashville, while the accompanying music video features footage of Georg and his band in live performance, interspersed with clips of the man himself getting some ink, courtesy of tattoo artist Roman Mellon, of Melon Crew, Ludwigsburg, Germany.

You can find out more about Rob Georg, and we recommend you do, on his Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. Stream and download Rob’s music from Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play Store.

Southern Rock Song for Tattoo Lovers | Official Video of "Time For Some Ink" - Rob Georg I Anthem

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