Nathan Nelson Combines Americana, Folk, Country, Rock And Blues and Releases ‘Amerijuanacana’

Nathan Nelson and His Entertainment Crackers’ Spectra Music Group debut album ‘Amerijuanacana’ is now available worldwide. Download your copy today on all digital download platforms.

Nathan Nelson emerged onto the Atlanta Blues scene in the early 2000s. With his rich southern vocals and deeply soulful playing style, Nathan quickly became an artist that audiences sought out and local musicians were eager to collaborate with. Established players such as Bill Sheffield, Donnie McCormick (Eric Quincy Tate), Oliver Wood (The Wood Brothers) and Blackberry Smoke, embraced Nathan as one of their own and he became a fixture at many blues venues all over Georgia.

In late 2007, Nathan connected with Dave Ross and Andy Tomko who are transplants from Florida and Pennsylvania, respectively. However, with Dave’s swampy bass licks and Andy’s subtle yet punchy percussion, you would swear that these three musicians grew up playing on back porches by moonlight their entire lives. And so it was that The Entertainment Crackers were born.

In a few short months, The Crackers culminated a signature sound that enriched classic blues standards and spawned original songs that audiences have grown to know and love. Nelson’s lyrical style gives listeners an unfiltered view of his perspective of the world. Whether it’s humour or heartache, Nathan Nelson and The Entertainment Crackers’ songs tell it to you straight.

‘Amerijuanacana’ transcends labels and exists as a singular work of honest songwriting. With a timeless blues aesthetic, well crafted story telling and a vocal style that is un-paralleled, Nathan Nelson and his Entertainment Crackers continue to write their chapter onto the pages of Southern music.

‘Amerijuanacana’ by Nathan Nelson and His Entertainment Crackers is now available worldwide and can be streamed and downloaded on iTunes, and Spotify. Find out more about Nathan Nelson And His Entertainment Crackers on their official website.

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