Interview: Tomás Doncker – ‘Creator of Global Soul’

There are many illuminating facets to powerful singer/songwriter, record producer, record label President, and most recently, Broadway stage sensation, Tomás Doncker. Like an array of fireworks, Doncker is wild, plunging into the night sky and shattering the darkness with each performance. Although fireworks do not last forever, their memories of patterns, colors, brilliance, and surprise are lasting, as is the music created by Tomás Doncker.

Captain of the Lost Waves: “Circus of the Mystic”

One of the more animated and fluorescent characters of the music world is beyond a doubt, Captain of the Lost Waves. Whether he actually originated on this planet remains a mystery, however his music and his magic have found a place somewhere in between modern Vaudeville, cabaret, and electronic dream pop. Wearing a top hat and traveling usually with a bouzouki, he travels from English Village to English town, like the old-time medicine men promoting miracles, musicals and curing elixirs, with an air of mystique, and talent beyond belief.