Daniel Shaw – ‘Used to Be’

‘Used To Be’, by 20 year old singer songwriter Daniel Shaw, is one of those instant earworms that’s going to echo through your brain for hours afterwards. Opening up with a very familiar piano refrain – it reminds us of something but we can’t quite put our finger on it – by the time Daniel starts singing we know we’re going to remember this one for a long time.

Writing about the thoughts and feelings and memories that you think have long gone, but suddenly up out of nowhere, Daniel Shaw certainly knows how to relate to his audience. Even though still only 20, he’s a music veteran, releasing his first album at the age of 12, and is still going strong, with his latest EP, ‘Cross The Line’, coming out recently.
‘Used To Be’ is a keyboard and percussion led track, and is emotion-filled, with self expression and intimacy finding an outlet in his sound. The video shows Shaw shaking off the memories of a previous love, with clips of flashbacks to more intimate moments from the past. He sits at one point on a crowded boardwalk, alone in his thoughts, as all those around him live in reverse. Awareness takes over, and he moves forward, blocking out old thoughts, and starts his life anew.
Find out more about Daniel Shaw from his official website.

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