It’s Pancake Day! It’s Pancake Day! It’s A New Single From John Dredge And The Plinths

How do you like your pancakes?  Do you make them from scratch or do you buy them in a packet? Here at EP Towers we’ve been known to both make them and buy them – and we’ve even made tortillas for Pancake Day in the past, which are a sort of Mexican dough style of pancake, rolled flat and fried in a pan, rather than cooked from batter.

John Dredge And The Plinths seem to like making their pancakes from batter, if the video for their latest single, ‘Pancake Day’, appropriately released today, is anything to go by.

With their customary humour and early 60s style vocals (if you told me that this was a newly discovered demo by The Kinks I’d not blink an eyelid), John is seen wielding a frying pan in an otherwise empty room, whilst making semaphore like movements, interspersed with a variety of rubber-faced expressions.

I personally guarantee that the Pancake Dance will burn off any and all additional calories incurred from eating pancakes,’ says alternative nutritionist Dredge. ‘Unless you eat loads,’ he adds.

The song itself is upbeat and jolly, espousing the joys of Pancake Day and all its wonder for both young and old. It’s a great song and we think that John Dredge and the Plinths have discovered a niche into a hitherto under-exploited holiday. Forget New Year’s Day, Valentines Day or Christmas – Pancake Day is the one we should all be focusing on, with sugar, lemon juice, flour-power, and that all round golden-brown delciousness. Toss a few while you’re having a listen.

‘Pancake Day’, by John Dredge And The Plinths, is out today, 5 March, Pancake Day. You can stream and download the single on Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer, Google Play Store, and SoundCloud.

You can find John Dredge & The Plinths online on Twitter and Facebook. Check out Dredgeland’s podcast, as well as their Twitter.

Pancake Day

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