JustTizze Releases Absolute Bop ‘Your Dance’

JustTizze is a London-based Italian singer songwriter and producer, who has recently released his debut single, ‘Your Dance’.

The singer moved to London around four years ago, and the city has played an enormous part in his music, which is evident from ‘Your Dance’, as well as the accompanying lyric video, which features fast action footage of London, shooting past underneath a mirrored photo of JustTizze.

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‘Your Dance’ is fast-paced and upbeat, an absolute bop that will have you dancing right from the start. The track comes in at just under 5 minutes, but it’s not too long, and keeps the listener involved all the way through. Lyrically complex – lines such as

It looks like it’s never gonna end
As we’re in absence of concepts
Like space and time

keep the interest going for the listener, as does the slightly frenetic backbeat underlying the track.


‘Your Dance’ sounds and feels like the start of a relationship, when everything is new and exciting, and fast-paced; you want to know everything about the other person, and you find each thing to be the most wonderful thing you’ve ever heard. The couple involved make every second they’re together count:

In control of time
We’ll stretch it up
And make it slither as we please
Fast foward and reverse

About the midway point JustTizze introduces the new element of a somewhat electronic backing vocal, which leads up to the bridge and adds further interest for the listener. In the last third we have further backing vocals added, which give the track an extra boost.

‘Just Dance’ is an exciting track which leaves us wanting more from JustTizze. In the meantime, we’ll just keep hitting that replay button.

You can find out more about JustTizze online on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. ‘Your Dance’ is available to stream and download from Spotify and SoundCloud. Watch the lyric video below:

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