The Essential Advent Calendar: December 16 – The Independent Counsel Of Funk Release Holiday EP ‘I Don’t Want To Go Home For Christmas’

The Independent Counsel of Funk, the project spearheaded by Joe Scarborough of the critically acclaimed hit MSNBC ‘Morning Joe’ show, have today released a new holiday-themed EP ‘I Don’t Want to Go Home for Christmas’, via Sony’s RED MUSIC.

The EP was written, arranged, and produced by Scarborough, with some additional production from Mikhail Pivovarov, and Nicholas Wells. Four songs long, it mixes a dash of political satire with holiday-styled tunes and is available now on all digital streaming platforms worldwide. This project marks Scarborough’s fourth EP to date, following his latest politically charged one in 2017, ‘Freaks Love Freaks’, which led Rolling Stone Magazine to say,

“Scarborough’s sound is personal and poppy, edging between Seventies power-pop and ’00’s indie rock.”

Speaking of the EP, Scarborough says,

“It’s not exactly traditional Christmas fare and the lyrics do turn dark at times. I mean, the line ‘Oh God, it smells like Christmastime’ wasn’t exactly pulled from a Bing Crosby holiday special. But the EP might reflect how a lot of people feel about Christmas during these tense times. Yep, it’s been a lousy year, but this is when we look past our differences and try to be decent to each other and even allow ourselves to have some fun.”

Scarborough’s larger than life production on the songs make his prolific pace even more impressive, as he plans to consistently release more original music over the next several years as part of a deal with Sony’s RED MUSIC, all while hosting one of the most important political shows on American television and writing a widely-read column for the Washington Post.

The Independent Counsel of Funk will be joining Scarborough, whose band has played regular electrifying shows in standing-room only club settings in Scarborough’s Upper Westside neighbourhood, as well as NYC’s The Cutting Room, as he continues a decades-long musical journey that started with him writing songs when he was 10. After listening to Scarborough’s first three EPs, and with the new EP ‘I Don’t Want to Go Home for Christmas’, you may well find yourself agreeing with Billboard that Scarborough does, indeed, have chops. And, if you catch Scarborough live, you will understand why he could prove to be this season’s most surprising debut artist.

Stream and download ‘I Don’t Want To Go Home For Christmas’ on Spotify, Apple Music, and iTunes. You can find The Independent Counsel Of Funk on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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