Rivers – ‘My Little Baby’

Rivers is the stage name of Bedfordshire’s Rachel Early, who has apparently already garnered comparisons to bold, dramatic songstress Paloma Faith. Having performed since the age of 12, the songwriter has finally revealed her debut album, ‘My Little Baby’, which centres on compositions crafted of the piano but incorporates and interesting, but subtle electro element.

Although the Paloma Faith comparisons are slightly misplaced, aside from a very subtle similarity to their vocals in the lower register, there is something about Rivers that does grab your attention. With echoes of Vanessa Carlton, Kristina Train and Priscilla Ahn, she is in an understated performer who relies heavily on her storytelling nature to grab her listener’s attention.

As debuts go ‘My Little Baby’ showcases a lot of promise, however, it does not quite have all the ingredients it needs to really pack the powerful punch it intends. Early has the vocal capability, but the songs fall short on the emotional punches that would make them truly unforgettable.

A perfectly pleasant listen from an artist who will no doubt evolve into something great, but just like Paloma Faith, her debut album shows just early promise and not the final product.

Find out more about Rivers online on her official website, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

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