Napkey – ‘Solstice’

French Organic pop duo Napkey release their highly anticipated second album, ‘Solstice’.

With over 20 Million streams on spotify and a successful debut album, Justine Rousseau and Benjamin Cholet (Napkey) are back with a retro-futuristic electro-pop record documenting the journey of the young robot ‘SOL’, as he endeavours to find the complete understanding of being human.

Listening to ‘Solstice’ from start to finish is absolutely something I would recommend, as this is definitely a concept album and as such, listening to tracks individually they lack both the impact and credibility they have when listened to in order.

The album as a whole is coherent, well made and has plenty of hidden gems, particularly in tracks ‘Noella’ & ‘Moon’, (neither of which were released as any of the five singles that preceded the albums release), however I can’t help but feel the desire to write an album with narrative outweighed that of writing an album in general and so perhaps the musicality suffered.

Napkey have created an album with a great concept, musical logic and with some exploding choruses, but combining that with limited lyrics and little musical diversity throughout, the listener may be left feeling slightly underwhelmed and so we must ask if it’s enough to take them to the next level.

Napkey are playing two shows in Paris in the next month:

Les 3 Boudets on 16th October

La Gaite Lyrique on 6th November

Stream ‘Solstice’ on SoundCloud, Deezer, and Spotify. You can find Napkey online on their official website, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

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