Modern GEAisha – ‘Hey Hey Hey’

2018 has seen a new wave of musicians getting political, with many suddenly writing protest songs. But how many of them are actually willing to risk arrest in order to further their cause?

Enter Nicolle Rochelle, who performs as Modern GEAisha. Speaking out against Bill Cosby she’s been prepared to risk it all to ensure her voice isn’t silenced. She was even led away by Philadelphia police where she’d been protesting in front of the courthouse, with the words, “Women’s Lives Matter” painted on her naked torso. She made international headlines then, and she’s back in the news now with ‘Hey Hey Hey’, a ferocious rap song, which pulls no punches about Cosby.

Modern GEAisha – aka Mod G, feels the Cosby controversy as much personally as politically. She appeared as a child actress on The Cosby Show several times and her first-hand experience of working with Cosby gives her a different perspective on his behaviour. Her language in the track is powerful and direct, as she gives voice to the outrage of his victims, and to the thousands of women whose charges of assault against the rich and powerful go unheard.

Outside of music, Nicolle Rochelle has been seen on NYPD Blue, The Babysitter’s Club, The Chappelle Show, Law And Order SUV, and many other TV shows. She’s also performed on Broadway, done Shakespeare In The Park, and starred as Josephine Baker in the French theatre production, ‘Looking For Josephine’. Her musical style is also diverse, having made electro-swing with the Paris-based group, Gingkoa, and blues and jazz, with Nikki and Jules. With Modern GEAisha she incorporates her international influences into a distinctly American style, and tells her story boldly, fully, and without compromise.

Find out more about Nicolle Rochelle and Modern GEAisha on her official website.


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