Troye Sivan Re-Releases ‘Rush’ Alongside PinkPantheress And Hyunjin

Established Australian singer-actor Troye Sivan’s smash hit ‘Rush’ is getting a fresh coat of paint by Sivan, releasing a re-mix of the song alongside superstars PinkPantheress and Hyunjin of Stray Kids. The original version of the song, which is the first single from Sivan’s upcoming October 2023 album, has topped charts across the world, and hit Top 25 in the UK and his home country of Australia.

Moving to Australia at the age of two, Sivan got his start in the music industry far before most, debuting at the age of twelve with an EP titled ‘Dare to Dream’. Although the five-track release didn’t gain much success, mostly due to Sivan having to burn and sell his own CDs, he was eventually signed to EMI in 2013, and his 2014 release, ‘TRXYE’, which acted as his major breakthrough. Subsequent releases have become even more successful, and in the present day, his 2023 album is one of the most highly anticipated releases of the decade, with its first single, ‘Rush’, already breaking the charts worldwide.

Featuring the same anthemic sound that topped Australian Dance charts upon its release in July of this year, alongside British and Korean (respectively) phenomenons PinkPantheress and Hyunjin, the ‘Rush’ remix is exactly the kind of house sound you expect when you turn on Troye Sivan’s music – high energy, eclectic beats with brilliant vocals from the trio of artists. It’s absolutely worth at least one listen – something you can give through the link below.

Listen to the brilliant remix here.

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