C WIRED Releases Debut EP ‘Omega’ Proving That Sometimes An Ending Can Be A New Beginning

Chuck Whyard has lived a lifetime already – he’s an entrepreneur who’s seen his fortunes go from multi-millions to broke and back to millions again – as well as being a father of four, and a grandfather of four more.

He’s setting off on yet another life however, this time as C Wired, whose debut EP, ‘Omega’, marks the Omega stage of his life. Not content to live the last stage of his life in quiet repose, C Wired – itself a play on his real name – is determined to go out with a bang, not a whimper.

Brought up in Detroit, and currently living in Berkely Springs, West Virginia, C Wired has played for the past three years at clubs and bars in the greater mid-Atlantic area. He’s got a great style which blends rock and roll, Americana, and a bit of bluegrass. We’re reminded of some of the greats of classic rock. Listening to C Wired’s music there’s a certain familiarity to the tracks – it could come from the likes of The Eagles, America – guitar-led big rock bands.

C Wired follows his own rules, living by his personal motto, “my only rules are do no harm and stay out of jail. Everything else is fair game.” He’s throwing all caution to the wind and living life the way it should be lived.

The six tracks on ‘Omega’ combine a unique storytelling style with some kickass instrumentation. It feels like it should be a great album to put on in the background, except that C Wired draws you in, with his soaring guitar solos, such as in track 5, ‘Jessah’; there’s a lot to unpack in this record, it definitely needs more than one listen to completely appreciate it.

Track 2, ‘Anna Kissed The Sky’, is inspired by an encounter C Wired had with someone who had supposedly been a “good girl’ but is now a star in adult films. Starting out slowly, it’s sadly poignant, and probably the standout track on the EP. The tempo ramps up slightly about the middle of the song, and the last third of the track gives C Wired the chance to show off his guitar playing chops.

Overall there’s definitely a sense of spirituality in the record, with an infusion of soul and gospel, as well as spiritual themes and titles, such as ‘Benevolent Angels’, and ‘Angels Dancin’ On The Head Of A Pin’.

‘Omega’ has been produced by Sol Philcox-Littlefield, who’s known for his work with country music artists such as Jake Owen, Aaron Lewis, Jason Aldean, Sugarland and Miranda Lambert. The EP was recorded at Cathy Jo Studio, and Gold Cassette Studio, both in Nashville, and features a swathe of top session players, including guitarists Julian Ostrander, and Addison Smith; Amos Heller, who’s played bass for Taylor Swift; Will Houchens on keys; and Jerry Roe on drums, who’s played with Darius Rucker, Amy Grant, and Kid Rock.

‘Omega’ was released on 1 June this year. You can find out more about C Wired online on his official website, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. ‘Omega’ is available to stream and download from Spotify and SoundCloud.

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