Marble Empire – ‘Haze’

Marble Empire, aka Matt Berry (19) is a Guilford-based producer who started creating music in 2015, and now has started performing live with a full band. They have now released yet another amazing song called ‘Haze’.

‘Haze’ is, simply put, 3.21 minutes of 70s inspired indie-electronic music. Now that I’ve got you all confused and interested I’ll explain why.

He starts the song off with a simple keyboard melody which tricks you in to thinking it’s something completely different to what it actually turns out to be, however this deception doesn’t last long as 10 seconds as he starts his soft and enchanting vocals and a very catchy guitar riff that brings us in to the indie part of the previous description. Give the song another 15 seconds, and the bass and drums kick in with that iconic electronic music rhythm that just makes us all start dabbing our head back and forward and want to get up and start doing the robot in our living rooms, because we all know we’re not good enough to do it in public!

Where the chorus starts is when the 70s part of the description kicks in with its trumpets and flowing melodic vocals. Why 70s you ask? Because it makes me want to dance like they do in the beginning of ‘That 70s Show’. The instrumental piece after the first chorus is mainly a very catchy and head-dabbing guitar riff that I guarantee you will want to try to learn yourself, backed up by some dreamy synths. This is followed by the bridge which brings us back to the synths and that initial keyboard melody, yet again, trying to trick us in to believing it is something different to what it actually is. The song finishes with yet another instrumental piece of the catchy guitar riff that you should have learned by now.

If I had to describe the song in three words they would be: catchy, original and dynamic, but please, don’t take my word for it! Have a listen yourself and leave us a comment so we can discuss it together!

Find Marble Empire online on Twitter, Facebook, Bandcamp, and Soundcloud. ‘Haze’, along with Marble Empire’s EP, ‘Twenty’, can be found on Spotify.

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