TIDAL RAVE – Dub Sex and The G-O-D Guitarist Takes The Plunge With New Three Piece Cold Water Swimmers

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Dub Sex guitarist Chris Bridgett is back with new power trio Cold Water Swimmers.

Geordie Bridgett, whose short-lived previous outfit The G-O-D supported The Stone Roses at Wembley Stadium last year, says his new band “tell stories of life and death and all the stuff in between”.

Formed in February with Carrie Lawson on bass and Selina Clements Woolnough on drums, Cold Water Swimmers promise “a simple formula of great songs, primal beats and raw emotion”.

The Manchester-based three piece unleashed their debut release this week, with two self-penned songs recorded with Simon Ding Archer at 6db Studios in Salford.

Both tracks are typically uncompromising fare, targeting austerity and what the band see as a failure of leadership at the heart of the British government.

Described as “a rallying cry against austerity” Everything We’ve Ever Had (We’ve Had To Fight For) is a savage indictment of an uncaring welfare system.

“Don’t be old/Don’t Get Sick/Don’t Be Black/Don’t fight Back,” Bridgett emotes, his vocal exhibiting a far off quality, like a cry in the wilderness.

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Featuring a startling Theresa May-bating video, She’s Falling Apart is equally confrontational, spitting fury at our “natural born leader” while taking a pop at a society consumed by a shallow, celebrity culture.

With a chunky Breeders-style riff and Bowie-esque vocal – the song also tackles the crisis in mental health service provision – a topic close to Bridgett’s heart.

Both tracks feature videos made by Bridgett and collaborator Jelly and are available for streaming and download.

So come on, dive in! The water’s lovely.

  • For more information on Cold Water Swimmers, visit their Facebook page or catch them on Twitter here.
  • The band’s debut release is available at their bandcamp site.
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