Six Quick Questions With Germein

We’ve spoken to Germein a few times over the years, and so we welcome the chance to catch up with them and find out what they’ve been up to. This year the trio from South Australia are performing at the Isle Of Wight Festival, before embarking on a 15 date arena tour supporting Little Mix. Lisa was excited to find out more.

EP: Hello!! Now, when we first met you back in 2015, we suggested you call yourselves The Germeins. Now you’re Germein! Coincidence?! What brought that on? Does this mean one day your brother will be joining you?

G: Now that is a good question! We had been thinking about a slight name change for a while and when we started started creating, recording and producing our music ourselves and taking charge – we decided on dropping the sisters and settle on Germein!

I don’t think our brother will join us any time soon – but the door is open for him anytime. He thinks we may boss him around and make him carry everything!!! No seriously he is very talented but his number one priority is his horses and his job – we are immensely proud of him.

EP: You’ve become a regular feature at the Isle of Wight Festival, coming up later this month, but you’re also touring around the UK supporting Little Mix! How cool is that – how did it all come about?

G: We are stoked to be touring with Little Mix in July! They are such a talented and down to earth group of girls who are smashing it in the music world at the moment. We’ll be opening the show with a lot of fun and high-energy original tunes, plus a mash up cover thrown in to sing along to….

We were lucky enough to open for a couple of Little Mix shows last year, so it’s incredible to be invited to back to play 15 arena shows this year…

EP: Your new single ‘Talking’ is out now, it’s an upbeat rocker of a tune. You recorded it in your home studio – what made you decide to take that route, rather than a professional studio? (Personally speaking I think it’s a good choice).

G: Oh thank you so much.  We decided we wanted to start making music on our own terms, and so tried recording and producing ‘Talking’ ourselves in our home studio in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia. When we hit play, we knew it was the musical vision we’ve had for ourselves finally coming to life.

EP: Similarly, who or what has inspired you most this year, and why?

G: A friend of ours died tragically in a car accident a couple of months ago. Her passing was a wake up call to how short and precious life is, In life people can be afraid to do what they love and follow their dreams because they are afraid of failure. But we have learnt to follow our hearts, work hard and do what we love to do, create and embrace opportunites, live life with no regrets, every day is a second chance. Be kind.

EP: What’s next for Germein?

G: We are thrilled to be playing some festivals in Germany and will be based on this side of the globe for a few months.

Releasing more songs and getting our second album out by the end of the year.

Filming an epic video clip could be on the cards!

You can catch Germein at the Isle of Wight Festival on June 23. Tickets are now available from Germein’s website for their UK tour supporting Little Mix, which commences July 6. Find Germein online on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Talking [Official Video] - Germein

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