De’Anza at Amoeba Hollywood Tonight Ahead Of Cosmic Dream EP Out Tomorrow

De’Anza combines hypnotic, electronic funk with alternative and psychedelic styles and is releasing ‘Cosmic Dream’ tomorrow. The Latin artist will be celebrating the new EP with a free performance at Amoeba Music in Hollywood tonight at 6pm. 

Cosmic Dream takes the listener through various stages of the sleep cycle, with interludes sprinkled throughout; ‘Stage I: Light Sleep’,  ‘Stage III: Deep Sleep’, ‘Stage V: REM’. The EP was co-produced by Grammy winner Andre de Santanna (Ziggy Marley, Jason Mraz, Sergio Mendes) and De’Anza herself.

Last month, she released ‘War’, the EP’s closing track that was written after De’Anza read ‘I Am Malala’ by Noble Prize winner Malala Yousafzai. Earlier this month, the video for ‘Want’ debuted, blending De’Anza’s attention to tradition and funk. Ahead of tomorrow’s release, De’Anza is sharing “Llena De Gracia”, a song she wrote with her vihuela about the femicidios in Juarez, Mexico.

The track is in a Mexican 6/8 rhythm called huapango. The first sample in the intro is from a young woman in Juarez saying, “these streets scare me but I have no other choice” and another from a mother saying, “that morning my daughter went to school and I waited until about 10pm and I realized that she wasn’t coming home.”

Born and raised in Santa Fe, New Mexico, an epicenter of convergent cultures and rich folk art, De’Anza journeyed west to Los Angeles armed with a vihuela, a passion for songwriting, and a mission to develop her own musical identity. Cosmic Dream has the songwriter fully embracing her love for electronic music and implementing those sonic influences into her evolving production style.

De’Anza Tour Dates:
June 28 – Los Angeles, CA – Amoeba Music
July 01 – San Diego, CA – House of Blues Voodoo Lounge
July 05 – Taos, NM – Taos Mesa Brewing Company
July 06 – Albuquerque, NM – Launchpad
July 07 – Sante Fe, NM – The Bridge @ Santa Fe Brewing Company
July 11 – Los Angeles, CA – City Terrace Library
July 13 – Los Angeles, CA – The Study
Aug 09 – Bell, CA – City of Bell Rec Center

Find De’Anza online on her official website, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.


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