The Tailormade – ‘Life Of Sampson’

Exuding a charismatic charm interwoven with cheeky wit and a lovable sound, The Tailormade indulge us with a 5-track EP titled  ‘Life of Sampson’ and it’s a real treat! The EP is sewn together piece by piece as each track resembles different moments of ‘Life Of Sampson’. It’s a selection box of emotion as it explores situations that result in love, heartbreak and jealousy for the multifaceted character of Sampson.

Sampson was given his first big reveal in the music video for their energetic single ‘Spinning Around’. The clip captures a day in the life of Sampson, showing him waking up, going to work to spinning around on the dance floor after having one too many drinks. Last week they also dropped another gem from the project and released the creative stop motion animation lyric video for ‘Mug’.

Mug Official Lyric Video - The Tailormade

The biographical storytelling of the fictional character binds well with The Tailormade’s naturally introspective and socially observant lyricism, which is also prevalent through their previous work. Their ability to question and observe social constructs, whether that be through telling the tales of the head or the heart, is key to the project and makes it relatable to people from all walks of life.

Evoking different emotions their EP ranges from the up-tempo catchy track ‘Mr Perfect’ to their more personal and heartfelt single ‘Primrose Hill’, both of which have been released to a great reception.  It gives a well-rounded insight when it comes to matters of love and heartbreak and not only documents the ups and downs but it shines a light on those not so memorable moments such as the regrettable drunk texts.

The fine-tuned attention to detail is well matched in their music videos and their first release ‘Mr Perfect’ showcased their arty and quirky side with the use of animated dolls recreating their own version of ITV’s ‘Take Me Out’. The ‘Primrose Hill’ video goes in a different direction as it pulls on the heartstrings and shows members of the public reminiscing of their own love stories on the iconic location of Primrose Hill.

Championing a sound that falls into the spectrum of indie pop, The Tailormade generate an eclectic genre that entwines a hint of 80s influence, through their distinctive sound blending a talking/ singing technique. Consisting of members Jack, Aaron and Matt the trio held the title of ‘Best Buskers’ as awarded by Mayor Boris Johnson in 2015, which awarded them with being appointed as BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show in-house band for their popular ‘Secret Busker series where they took part in a ‘busk-off’ against the likes of The Vamps and James Arthur.

The Vamps: Secret Busker - BBC Radio 1

They have also received public support from Gary Lineker, XFM’s Phil Clifton and Emma Thompson and have also gone onto play crowds surpassing 15,000 people and supported the likes of  Olly Murs, Madness, Jess Glynne, Mullally  and the legendary  Tom Jones.  With festival season in full swing this summer is equally as active as they are confirmed to perform at BST with Michael Buble as well as RoundSound Festival, Camper Calling and many more throughout the UK. They will also be joining the iconic Madness on tour this July.

‘We all go through life at a rapid pace. Sometimes it’s can be a whirlwind of greatness and sometimes we just need a release from reality. Introducing Sampson. Sampson is that little part of us that comes out at 4am calling the ex girlfriend. He’s the ‘why not’ in your head when your colleagues ask you out for drinks on a Friday night, and he’s certainly your guy if you’re looking for the wrong thing to say at the wrong moment. The EP takes you through a secondary world where we all exist as our rebellious characters, and Sampson the unlikely hero in our tale takes on Love, Jealousy, and of course drinking.’ – The Tailormade

‘Life Of Sampson’ is available to stream and download here.

Check out the video for ‘Spinning Around’:

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