StereoRiots – ‘Ghost Machines’

The braincild of lead singer/guitarist Wahid Hashime and bassist Jey Williams, StereoRiots came together after a successful Craigslist ad, which saw them pick up drummer Moe Sesay, and Erica Yu on keyboards and synth. Their sound was fully realised when they were discovered by Austin Bello, who produced their first EP in 2014, ‘Intervals’, and a change in lineup (Jorge Ramirez replaced Yu on keys, and Chris Ruffin took over on bass).

When founding member Jey Williams stepped away from the band in 2016, it left the group at rock bottom, even though their popularity was at an all time high. Here in 2018, however, their new single, ‘Ghost Machines’ isn’t just their redemption song, but the band’s battle cry as they choose to persevere and take on the world with music as their weapon.

‘Ghost Machines’ is the lead single from their forthcoming ‘Monsters On The Moon’ EP, and it’s an ambitious seven minute journey which takes you from the lowest and drags you by the collar, and tosses you into the ring with your mortal enemy: yourself. The unending pressure of “normal” society can seriously weigh down on the wandering minds of creatives. StereoRiots, along with the sage wisdom of producer, Ben Green, aim to inspire you to take destiny into your own hands and remind you that you are the author of your own life story.

The music video for ‘Ghost Machines’ shows people from all walks of life, stuck in a rut, wishing there was a way out. It becomes clear that all these people share a common light compelling them as a force of nature once released, and the choice of where this light leads is down to each individual. To freedom? Or elsewhere?

Find out more about StereoRiots from their official website.

GHOST MACHINES - Official Video

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