BUNNIES – ‘The Problem With Link Think’

BUNNIES is an experimental band from Northampton, Massachusetts, whose drummer Matthew Newman, aka Mount Emult, is a director who has made videos for Pixies, Panda Bear (of Animal Collective), Dying Fetus, Dance Gavin Dance and other adventurous pop acts. It’s no surprise therefore to find out that they’ve got a pretty robust idea as to how to represent their songs on video. For their latest single, ‘The Problem With Link Think’, BUNNIES have turned to Western Massachusetts visionaries, Opertura.

Co-fronted by Jeremy Dubs and Jack Science, BUNNIES have two of the most unforgettably eerie voices in the rock scene of Western Massachusetts. The pair are known from Speak!, Severe Severe, Rabbit Rabbit and their collaborations with R. Stevie Moore; and Dubs sang the chorus on the Pixies song, ‘Bagboy’, as well. Their previous releases have included some of the most psychedelic tracks today, the Roger Miller-produced ‘Music For Dinosaurs By Dinosaurs’, and the prog-rock ‘Devoted to the Process of Action, Pt. One‘. The upcoming ‘Transportation To Mind Transformation’ should prove to be the band’s boldest, deepest journey into inner-space yet if ‘The Problem With Link Think‘ is anything to go by.

Opertura is the collaboration between artists and animators Aya Yamasaki, and Jason Brown. Their clip for ‘The Problem With Link Think’ shows a trio comprising two people and a horned monster, ordering octopus balls at a restaurant. Before their meal arrives however, they’re transported into another world, closely resembling a jungle with a sky made from a checked tablecloth. It’s a bit of a trip, but it is the perfect match for the song, which at just over two minutes long will have you hitting replay a few times in order to make sense of it all.

Check out BUNNIES online on their official website.

BUNNIES - The Problem With Link Think (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

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