Ashleigh Harley Releases New Single ‘Judge Me’

Ashleigh Harley’s recent release, ‘Judge Me’ aims to raise awareness for ‘Wall Of Lyon’, her fantasy film, book and music trilogy. Harley is a talented musician who’s making waves in the pop music and fantasy film scene.

Released 18 February, ‘Judge Me’ has an eastern, even tribal style melody accompanied by a video featuring segments from her film, including scenes of her racing against horses on a beach, interwoven with shots of Ashleigh playing an electric guitar, and her (and her clones) singing and dancing to the music.

Lyrics such as ‘Hate me, fake me, you can never break me’ reference the theme of oppression which echoes through the whole epic trilogy; Ashleigh’s alternative society ‘Lyon’ reflects our own, with the The Wall a metaphor for repression. The short, which was selected for Sundance Ignite last year, tells the tale of Cassini, an outlandish fantasist who seeks asylum beyond the man-made walls of an authoritarian regime. The society has been separated from the truth by ancient, towering walls. The story’s protagonist, Cassini, boldly promotes change for the future of our culture, making the tale one which most thinking people, both young and old, can relate to.
You can find Ashleigh Harley online on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. ‘Judge Me’ is available to download and stream from iTunes, Spotify, and Google Play.

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