BTS ‘Love Yourself : Her’ Review

K-pop sensations BTS (Korean:방탄소년단) who have taken the world by storm in recent times, have released their long-awaited album ‘Love Yourself: Her’.

Containing 9 tracks (plus 2 hidden tracks yet to be released to the public)  it consists of  – for the most part – a mix of addictive songs that leaves me with a trigger finger and the replay button with PTSD!

Starting off at number 1 on the tracklist is ‘Intro: Serendipity’ – which was unveiled as the band’s comeback trailer on September 4th.  A sweet, slow song featuring Jimin’s brilliant vocals the song is definitely one for when you’re feeling romantic. The first time I heard it, it left me with gooseflesh and a want for more.

Next is ‘DNA’. Accompanied by a bright colourful video (released yesterday on their official YouTube), an addictive whistle and incredible choreography, this song was far more mellow than I had expected. ‘DNA’ – which caught my attention with an enigmatic tune in teasers, surprised me with its happy vibe.

While both the infectiously positive vibe of the song and the initial mysteriously addictive whistle are individually appreciated; they somehow did not come together cohesively, leaving the much-anticipated song slightly jarring in my ears. For this reason, the title track while definitely worth a listen is by far the weakest on this album, in my opinion.

‘Best Of Me’ the much-anticipated product of a BTS x The Chainsmokers collaboration – definitely lives up to the hype and is an upbeat song which showcases the sensational vocals of BTS layered over the American duo’s signature pop sounds –is at number 3. This is followed by “Dimple”( also translated as Illegal), is a smooth song that is also rather cute considering it is about being smitten with a girl’s dimples when she smiles!

Rounding out the first half of the album at 5  is the playful ‘Pied Piper’, a dance track dedicated to their legions of dedicated tween fans –ARMYs.

It is after their Skit: Billboard Music Award Speech act, that the hip-hop side they are known for arrives. Both the bass-heavy ‘Mic Drop’ at 7 and reggae-tinged ‘Go Go’ at 8 are easily my favourites from this album.

At 9,  ‘Outro: Her’, a mellow track featuring powerful rap performances wraps up this epic creation from these massive talents.

With each comeback, BTS reaches new heights and with an all too achievable aim of entering the Billboard Hot 100s with this album they only seem to be getting bigger and better!

BTS (방탄소년단) 'DNA' Official MV

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