Scott Free – ‘How I Live’

Scott Free’s single, ‘How I Live’, is the title track from his latest EP, and the strong subject matter, of his life, having to be as mean as he needs to be, to get by on the dangerous streets of Miami, is accompanied by an equally arresting video.

“I got that hate in my heart,” raps Scott Free on the furious chorus of ‘How I Live’. Originally starting out under the name ‘Scotty Boi’, as part of Rick Ross’s Maybech Music Group, Scott is rebranding himself with the same fury and drive as he’s wielded for his entire career. There’s a lot more to this rapper than fire and ruthlessness however. He’s got a lot of love and compassion for his crew, his lady, the finer things in life that only money can bring, and above all else, his home city.

The video for ‘How I Live’ show the two distinct parts of the city: that which it shows to the world, and the one that only the inhabitants know. We see Scott at the start in great steel and glass towers, symbolising wealth and international commerce. Soon however it’s apparent his business is done in the seedier parts of town, rough neighbourhoods not too far from Downtown. ‘How I Live’ is a testament to the contrasting lives of the Haves and Have Nots – the never ending struggle of those at the bottom, with the opulence of those at the top. One shot of note is of Scott in a glass elevator, in a sleek, modern tower. The lights are on all around him, while he stands alone rapping to the camera. The elevator keeps going down, further and further, with no end in sight.

Find out more about Scott Free online on Twitter, and Instagram. ‘How I Live’ is available on iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify.

Scott Free feat Rocko "How I Live"  (Clean)


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