Club Drive Release Single, ‘Voyager’

Laurabeth catches up with Club Drive on their latest single ‘Voyager’, touring with Marianas Trench and the band’s up and coming May UK tour.

LB: Hey guys, lovely to see you again! It’s packed-out back there! You were in Manchester back in March playing Sound Control, excited to be in Gorilla tonight?

CD: Absolutely! We’ve got so much time for Manchester – the people up here are so welcoming and for some reason we always seem to go down better up here. Can’t wait!

LB: So, what inspired you to write your new single, ‘Voyager’?

CD: It’s a bit of an odd one actually – The song is about homelessness and how most people just disregard homeless people all together (in the least preachy way possible). It was after an experience on a night out at Christmas, where some homeless guys started joining in a game we were playing in my local town (just mucking about with a mini rugby ball someone had got in Secret Santa, like you do). It’s so hard to talk about it and not sound like a pretentious idiot – like we don’t think we’re hero’s for bringing up the subject at all and we’re obviously not the first people to write about it – but for us it was a huge wakeup call & a moment that will stick with me for a long time so we wanted to write about it in the hope that the song or the video will at least make people think about the subject and encourage them to think next time someone asks for money or food – or at the very least appreciate what they have.

LB: Is there anything behind the track’s name?

CD: I guess the above explains it – it’s more just to do with one man’s journey and what that might entail on a day to day basis.

LB: Following the success of your previous single, ‘Spare Time’, can we expect anymore as well as ‘Voyager’?

CD: In terms of more success, we really hope so – it would be so great if Voyager got a similar response to Spare Time as the support for that track was overwhelming. In terms of more songs – 100%. We have plenty more up our sleeves, so watch this space!

LB: You supported Marianas Trench tonight, are there any collaborations on the horizon?

CD: Actually, there may well be, not necessarily with the Marianas Trench guys but a few discussions with some big UK names are underway so I guess we’ll see if anything comes of it.

LB: You’re currently on tour with Marianas, what’s been the highlight so far?

CD: That’s a tough one, the tour in general has been incredible. The guys have been such a pleasure to tour with, their entire team/crew have been great and their fan base is amazing… so dedicated to the guys and at the same time have been so welcoming to us. We’ve literally had the best time!!

LB: Your UK tour is coming up, are there any venues you’re most looking forward to playing at?

CD: Well nothing is completely set in stone yet as far as our next headline tour is concerned so specific venues are hard to say – however cities that we’re most excited to get back to would include the following (and others of course) – London, Manchester, Birmingham, Newcastle, Bristol, Sheffield and loads more!

LB: I’m sure your fans are eager to hear you play, so thanks for having me! See you out there!

CD: Thank you. See you there 🙂

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