Six Quick Questions With Marianas Trench’s Josh Ramsay

Marianas Trench are coming back to the UK next month, and to celebrate this fact we’ve pinned down frontman Josh Ramsay and asked him Six Quick Questions. If you remember our chat with drummer Ian Casselman last year you’ll know what to expect!

EP: We caught up with you guys ahead of your tour here last year – what’s been happening since then?

JR: Honestly, just thinking about coming back to our fans in Europe.  Well, I suppose we had a few North American tours, but who the hell cares about that lol.  We’re always busy, when it’s not tour or studio stuff, its catching up on life at home.  I just moved so I’ve been busy picking paint colours for the bedroom.  Any idea what the difference between Arctic Guava and Arctic Mist is?

EP: Talk us through your new single that’s just been released over here, ‘Who Do You Love’. What’s it about and who’s it about?

JR: The feel of this song was inspired by a great band called Toto, and it’s one of our favourites to play live.  We shot an awesome video for this track where we took our video budget, and instead of blowing it on fast cars and helicopter overhead cams, each band member donated to a cause that was important to him.  We got much more personal in this video, exposing a side of the band that perhaps our fans were not so familiar with.  Its a great time capsule that we’ll look back on with a smile for years to come.

EP: What can fans expect from your shows this year? If you’re a first time audience member how should we prepare for your shows?

JR: Fans can expect tight pants and wide stance haha. How can you prepare? Hydrate, eat a meal rich in carbohydrates and don’t expect to hear for a few days after the show.

EP: We know you for your spectacular entrances on the MMVA red carpet. Do you have anything planned for this year that you’re willing to let us in on?

JR: Every year, the 4 of us get together over 48 margaritas and brainstorm the most ridiculous award show entrances we can think of.  It all comes down to personal inconvenience and city permits.  Who knew you couldn’t land a helicopter in the middle of downtown Toronto?

EP: Tell us three things our readers might be surprised to know about Marianas Trench.

JR: 3/4 of us have matching tattoos, the holdout has his scheduled.  Mike has a TSA approved airline old-fashioned making kit. Matt & Mike consistently try to “out-luggage” one another, to the point where their suitcases are now made of solid gold.

EP: And finally, what question do you wish someone would ask you in an interview, but nobody ever does?

JR: Where does your band name come from?

Get  yourself along to Marianas Trench’s ‘Final Countdown’ Tour – all over Europe:

May 1, 2017                Bristol, UK                   The Fleece

May 2, 2017                Birmingham, UK         O2 Institute 2

May 4, 2017                Liverpool, UK              O2 Academy 2

May 5, 2017                Sheffield, UK              O2 Academy 2

May 6, 2017                Edinburgh, UK            Liquid Room

May 8, 2017                Newcastle, UK            O2 Academy 2

May 9, 2017                Manchester, UK          Gorilla

May 11, 2017              Portsmouth, UK          Wedgewood Rooms

May 12, 2017              London, UK                 Koko

May 13, 2017              Brighton, UK               The Haunt

May 15, 2017              Paris, FR                     Les Étoiles

May 16, 2017              Zürich, SUI                  Dynamo

May 18, 2017              Amsterdam, NL          Paradiso Noord

May 19, 2017              Berlin, GER                 Musik & Frieden

May 20, 2017              Hamburg, GER           Indra

May 22, 2017              Cologne, GER            Gebaude 9

May 23, 2017              Antwerp, BE                Kavka

Find Marianas Trench online on their official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and VEVO. Visit their website for more information about their tour.

Marianas Trench - Who Do You Love

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