Naberus Release Album The Lost Reveries

Melodic metal band out of Melbourne, Australia, Naberus have released their latest album The Lost Reveries via Eclipse Records on December 2nd.

Melodic metal band out of Melbourne, Australia, Naberus have released their latest album The Lost Reveries via Eclipse Records on December 2nd. With the release of their newest album they have also released a video for a single off the album called, ‘Torch The Sky’.  The fourteen song album includes nine originals from their previous independent release as well as five new songs that were all produced by Ermin Hamidovic (Periphery).

Naberus is a four piece band whom are heavily influenced by melodic death and thrash metal.  The video for ‘Torch The Sky’ which is the bands first single release off The Lost Reveries features some great footage of the band rocking out in a secluded forest seemingly in the middle of nowhere. The energy of the song is relentless with a surprisingly big sound considering that their are only three instrumentalists and a singer that perform on this track. The rhythms are hard and driving with a steady double bass and a lot of top end action while the instruments lock into the drums and embellish with some higher end melodic tones. The vocals are a cross between scream vocals and melodic rock style which helps to create more contrast between the different parts of the song.

Naberus have also recently released another video for their second single, ‘Cohesion’ off the new album, The Lost Reveries. The video for this song was done in the Eastgate Music Basement in their hometown of Melbourne. It has a slightly gloomier feel to it because of the dark and dingy setting but the band carries much of the same metal-core style as much of their music does. On this track the vocalist picks up the guitar as well to add yet another dimension to the bands diverse style.

Since the release of The Lost Reveries in December, Naberus have accumulated a wealth of positive commentary about the album. One such media outlet stated, “no-holds barred, sheer power with vibrant youthful energy” – Metal Obsession. “The Lost Reveries brims with youthful vigor… a ravenous beast!” – The Independent Voice. “The Lost Reveries is a must-have release!” – Brave Words. Baring such a good track record so far, The Lost Reveries by Naberus, is an album that you don’t want to miss out on. For more music and info about Naberus check out the bands iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Apple Music, Deezer, Spotify, Pandora, Facebook, and Twitter.  You can also check them out on the Eclipse Records website.

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