Charlie Worsham at The Borderline, Soho, London 16th March 2017

This is the third time I’ve seen the outstanding Charlie Worsham live and every time he blows me away with his incredible guitar playing, clever lyrics and stage presence. However, this does not affect his obvious joy at the response he got at the newly refurbished Borderline last week in Soho. Launching into music from his new album due next month, he quickly had the sell out London audience eating out of the palm of his hand, hanging on every word and singing along. 

Charlie hails from Mississippi and has toured with everyone from Taylor Swift to Kenny Rogers but since releasing his debut single ‘Could It Be’ in 2013, he hasn’t looked back. He once said that “the songs, the playing, those were the only things that kept my attention ” and as a talented multi instrumentalist he has an almost unique sound built around incredible story telling in his lyricism and the acoustic instruments he grew up playing and listening to. Sometimes, as he plays live, you have to check to make sure there’s only one man on stage such is the sound he creates on his guitar.

Charlie’s new material is full of humour, warmth and tenderness. It’s meaningful and beautifully constructed to showcase not only his incredible musicianship but also the understated vocals that relish the storytelling of the music with perfect ease. At Borderline last week he took the opportunity to sing many of his new songs as well as fan favourites from his superb first album ‘Rubberband’. Not only that but he threw in an excellent cover of Kenny Rogers’ ‘Gambler’, Nirvana’s ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ and a superb version of Hall & Oates’ ‘Rich Girl’. His new album, ‘The Beginning of Things’ is out next month but fans were still able to sing back most of the lyrics! 

Many well placed people in a Nashville have earmarked Charlie Worsham for a place at the top table in Country Music and if that does happen I hope he keeps his on stage promise to play London at least twice a year. It was an honour to see him in such a super venue that has showcased great music for many years and I’m sure, with its shiny new clothes, will continue to do so!

Set List:

1. Wired That Way

2. I Ain’t Going Nowhere

3. Call You Up

4. Please People

5. How I Learned To Pray

6. Ramble On/Smells Like Teen Spirit (Nirvana cover)

7. Lawn Chair

8. Cut Your Groove

9. Trouble Is

10. Take Me Drunk I’m Home

11. The Only Way To Fly

12. Rich Girl (Hall & Oates cover)

13. The Naked Song

14. For Old Times Sake

15. Young To See

16. Tools Of The Trade

17. Southern By The Grace Of God

Encore: 18. The Gambler (Kenny Rogers cover)

19. Could It Be

20. Mississippi In July

21. Rubberband

Performance Date: Thursday 16th March 2017

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