‘The Struggle Is Real’ For Nick Howe

Nick Howe officially released his EP called, The Struggle Is Real.

Last year Essentially Pop had the opportunity to talk with Nick Howe about his latest EP release and his recent success with his song placement in the popular game app, Angry Birds. Recently, Nick Howe officially released his EP called, The Struggle Is Real, a five song EP that harnesses the raw emotional talent of the young singer/songwriter out of the U.K.  The new EP was released on November 1st and was able to stick the charts at #2 creating quite a buzz for the up and coming artist.

The opening single ‘The Struggle Is Real’ has an upbeat pop/rock feel and is one of the featured singles off the new EP, which is available to stream here.

The latest EP also features a superbly written single, ‘It’s Only Love’, which was featured in the new popular game app, Angry Birds.  ‘Riches In Heaven’ is a favorite of mine with the catchy hook line of “na, na, na’s” that just seem to stick in your head. Nick Howe slows it down a bit halfway through the EP with a more folk style pop track ‘Caught Up With You’. Ironically, the EP finishes with a funky little pop track ‘At The Beginning’.  There is not a weak link in the EP with each single having it’s own unique flavor and the potential to be the next chart topping song.

Overall the EP brags some outstanding music from Nick Howe whom has been busy touring and spreading the word of his new EP while performing in over 15 different countries as well as being featured in various TV and game placements. For more info and music about Nick Howe check out his website, iTunes, Facebook, and Twitter.

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